Post-processing tutorials

Post-processing tutorials

Take your editing skills to the next level!

In these post-processing tutorials you will learn how to edit and improve your landscape photography using Lightroom and Photoshop.
Each editing tutorial include one MP4 file of different lengths with screen recorded film and sound, and the RAW file. This way you can follow along and see, hear and learn the process.
All videos are explained in english.

You will learn how to improve the light and shadows. The use of all sliders and curves in Lightroom. Different ways of color adjustments, dodge and burn, how to use adjustment layers and sharpening and softening photos. Also different ways of masking. Preparing photos for web, with more. Click below to see all details.
Basic skills are needed on all the tutorials.

I use Nik Collection in all my tutorials. You can download the free version, which is the same version I use, here.
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The misty forest

Lightroom and Photoshop tutorials. Learn to edit your photography.Tutorials on landscape photography post-processing.

The Rift

Post-processing tutorials in Lightroom and PhotoshopPost-processing tutorials for photography


BeforeMoody post-processing tutorials.

Infinite view

BeforeHaunted house Photoshop tutorial

Haunted house

BeforeAutumn post-processing tutorials.

Golden glow


Mysterious mood

BeforePost processing tutorials for photography.


BeforeTutorials on post-processing in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Lush Icelandic house

BeforeEditing tutorials in Photoshop

Fairytale forest

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