In this 66 minutes post-processing tutorial we will work in both Lightroom and Photoshop.
You will learn how to make a hazy and dreamy effect on a waterfall scene.
In Lightroom you will learn how to add a soft light source and how to add shadows.
Also how to remove unwanted objects.
The use of tone curves, color adjustments and split toning.
In Photoshop you will learn how to add a person for scale and how to make him blend into the scene.
Where to find a free version of Nik Collection tool, and how to use it.
How to add a stronger light source. The use of adjustment layers, masking and the Orton effect.

Basic skills are needed.

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You’ll get 2 downloadable video files + RAW file, compressed in RAR format for faster download.
Use for instance WinRar or WinZip to decompress the files.
If you don’t have the Nik Collection tool, you can download the free version here.
It is the same version I use in the tutorial.