In this 93 minutes long post-processing tutorial we will create a fairytale mood in a lush forest.
We will be working in both Lightroom and Photoshop.
You will learn a simple way to figure out which colors to use in your post-processing that harmonize with each other and how to add these colors into your photo.
Also how to add a hazy and soft light, how to add the direction of the light and how to remove parts you don`t want the light to affect.
Adding shadows, fading shadows and adding cooler colors to the shadows. Also how to add some mist.
How to use Nik Collection and luminosity masking.
You will also learn how to accentuate highlights and how to add an orton effect.
At the end you will learn a simple way to prepare and sharpen your photos for web.

Basic skills are needed.

You’ll get 2 downloadable MP4 files + RAW file, compressed in RAR format.