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My photography story

I am Fredrik Strømme, a landscape photographer living in the middle of Norway in a city called Trondheim.
My photography interest started about 20 years ago when I went to high school and I had my first encounter with the software called Photoshop.
This was years before I had my own camera, but I got really fascinated of what could be done with photos in the post processing.
As the years went by I spent hours upon hours working with stock photos of landscapes, and creating my own vision with them. Mostly dark fantasty art.
And even if the end product was something completely different than the photo I started with, it still did not feel like my photo since I had used stock photos.
Stock photos are free images to download, but I wanted to create images using photos I had taken myself.
So I bought my first DSLR and got hooked on photography. And from that moment I said goodbye to dark fantasy art and instead began focusing on learning all I could on my camera and how to take good photos. I also found the joy in hiking and traveling in the search of the most spectacular landscapes as possible.
And as you will see from my photography, one of the countries I like the most is Iceland.
The wild landscape on this island, makes me feel like I am in the fantasy world I used to create before.

Some of my photos

My services

I like sharing the photo knowledge I have achieved over the years.
So on this page I will share photography articles every now and then.
Here I talk about camera setups, trips I have been to, techniques used and thoughts around some of my photos.
On these posts I also share my exif info, which is a great way for beginners to learn what adjustments to use depending on the conditions.
I also offer a variety of post-processing tutorials. Here you will learn how I edit my photography.
If you have any wishes about new tutorials, let me know.
All the photos are available for sale and for other use.

Also, as a freelance photographer, I am available for hire.
Both for photography jobs, workshops and for collaborations.
Drop me a mail if you’re interested! Either here or you can send to hello@fredrikstromme.com.

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