What articles will I share

I will share my thoughts around some of my photos, what I did in the post processing and the techniques I use when shooting landscape photography.
When I write about my photos I will also share the exif info. This is something I had great learning of myself when I had just started with photography, to better understand how to set up the camera depending on the conditions.
I will also speak about gear and equipment and some travel trips.

As I have traveled a lot around Iceland there will be severeal post about some of my favorite locations and how to find them.
Also how I prepare before I leave, spending time scouting for locations beforehand.

Recent articles

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Photography workshop in Norway

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  • Dronefoto og film i Trøndagel

Dronefoto i Trondheim

Dronefoto i Trondheim As the following is for local customers, this article will be in Norwegian. Jeg tilbyr nå dronefoto, og hvis ønskelig, også dronefilm i Trondheim og omegn. Min fotodrone er [...]

  • The best settings for drone photography

How to get sharp drone photos

Drone photography Using a drone for photography is great fun, and also a fantastic tool to capture new and exciting angels. And the photo quality is getting better and better for each [...]

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