What articles will I share

I will share my thoughts around some of my photos, what I did in the post processing and the techniques I use when shooting landscape photography.
When I write about my photos I will also share the exif info. This is something I had great learning of myself when I had just started with photography, to better understand how to set up the camera depending on the conditions.
I will also speak about gear and equipment and some travel trips.

As I have traveled a lot around Iceland there will be severeal post about some of my favorite locations and how to find them.
Also how I prepare before I leave, spending time scouting for locations beforehand.

Recent articles

  • Kvernufoss in South-Iceland

South Iceland locations

Locations in South Iceland My favorite country to travel to and photograph in is Iceland. It is like an other planet and the photo possibilities are almost infinite. I have been to [...]

  • Learn how to save your photos for web

How to save for web

How to save for web One of the most common questions I get, is how do I get my photos to look good also on web. Some even fear posting photos, since [...]

Man vs Nature

Man vs Nature In this article I will speak about one of my most popular photos and how I achieved it. It was taken at the waterfall Haifoss on Iceland and was a [...]

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